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  • Who can participate?
    All those entrepreneurs or agents of change, who have an innovative startup/scaleup and who dedicate themselves 100% to their entrepreneurship. Individuals over 18 years of age and/or legal entities duly constituted. STARTUP 2 years or less of creation. It must be legally constituted. You must be in a market validation stage with a validated MVP and a client portfolio. SCALEUP Must have more than two years of operation. It must be legally constituted. It must have a defined business model and a portfolio of established clients.
  • What variables are taken into account to participate in the Yellow Hub program?
    Identification of Problem or Opportunity: The project identifies a clear, real and measurable problem or is aligned to a vertical search defined in the call. Value proposal: The project presents a clear and innovative value proposal that clearly solves or addresses the problem. Market opportunity: There is a clearly identified target customer with high market potential. Business model: A correct way of monetizing the product has been identified, generating value for the client or consumer. Differentiation: The value proposition is unique or has innovative elements within its sector compared to its competition. Degree of development: The startup/scaleup has the technical, operational and financial capabilities to collaborate with Flecha Amarilla in this pilot test. Team: The team has the ability and knowledge to scale the company, the commitment of the entrepreneurs towards the success of the company is perceived. Scalability: The business model has the potential to scale globally and the team is perceived as capable of scaling it. Collaboration potential: The startup is aligned with the objectives pursued by Flecha Amarilla and has joint business potential.
  • How do I apply?
    Fill out our application form in the “Apply” button at the top of the website and we will contact you.
  • How are the projects that will run a pilot test selected?
    The applications will be filtered and evaluated by an Flecha Amarilla expert innovation committee. Once the projects have been selected, we will begin a linking stage with the corporate so that Flecha Amarilla knows your solution.
  • Is the program digital or face-to-face?
    The program is digital, only the Selection Event and/or in some particular cases, it will be indicated if it is necessary for it to be face-to-face. It will be communicated in advance and with prior notice in each case.
  • Does the whole team participate in the program?
    It is considered important to assign a person in charge to run the pilot test, and this person will have contact with the rest of the team. The recommended profile is a founder who can make decisions and has general knowledge of the startup.
  • Is it necessary to implement a pilot test as part of the program?
    Yellow Hub's goal is to validate the technology of your startup or scaleup hand in hand with Flecha Amarilla, so a pilot test is mandatory.
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