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With more than 90 years of tradition and experience, transforming the mobility industry and seeking to be a sustainable company with innovation, experiences and comprehensive services every day, we position ourselves as a leading company, providing different mobility solutions for the transfer of passengers.


We have first class services, express services, economic service, personnel transportation and tourist transportation. For the transfer of goods, we provide parcel and courier services, as well as an express delivery solution, where we deliver your packages in just a few hours.

Our history.

Our origins date back to November 12, 1932 in the city of León Guanajuato, where the first passenger truck left for the city of Irapuato. The following two decades marked an important rate of growth and expansion for Flecha Amarilla: services and presence were achieved in 7 states (Guanajuato, Queretaro, San Luis Potosí, Jalisco, Aguascalientes, Michoacan, Mexico) and the Federal District. In the 1960s, the professionalization of motor transport in the country began through the achievements of Flecha Amarilla:


In 1961, the first integral buses were acquired before any other company.


In 1968, the “Flecha Amarilla Operators Training Center” began; a pioneer in this specialty throughout the republic.


During the 80's and 90's the company continued to grow and specialize to meet the different needs of its customers. In 1985, Tourist Transport was created; in 1986, Coordinated Services was created; and in 1991 the company Primera Plus was created.


Today Flecha Amarilla is a company that promotes mobility, seeks development in society, the generation of decent jobs, care for the environment and is committed to people's quality of life. With 90 years of experience we are still young and reinventing ourselves every day.

Our brands.

Foreign Transport :
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